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    Cattle in ARMIDALE

    25 PTIC Cows

      25 EU accredited Angus & Angus x Cows
      PTIC to Stud Glenmorgan Angus bulls & Charolais x Angus bulls, to commence calving Late July.
      Cows present in store condition.
      All cows in offering were Vet detected "Red Tags" being identified as 4 months and advanced.

      Sale of cows is due to Continuing Dry seasonal conditions, Please note Vendor has another 3 lots of cows in same sale, of similar description, totaling 85 cows in offering.

      Sex: Cow
      Number of Head: 25
      Average Weight: 518.4 kgs
      Age: 3.5 - 5.5 Years
      Accreditation(s): EU, LPA

      Number of Head: 20 - Dam: Angus, Sire: Angus,
      Number of Head: 5 - Dam: Angus/Hereford, Sire: Angus

      Preg Tested?:
      Yes, this lot was pregnancy tested, by Craig Bailey (Vet) on 07/05/2018.
      25 Head in calf, from 4 to 7 months. Certificate Available.