Sold on 13 Dec 2016

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    Sheep in Armidale

    165 Ewes & 169 Lambs

      * Property Sold Flock Dispersal * 165 Merino Ewes with 169 Merino lambs at foot. Ewes are mixed ages, predominately being 2014 to 2012 drop.

      Ewes present on strong healthy store condition. Ewes are late march shorn, ewes were crutched
      15/08/16. Lambs present in fresh condition, small percentage of lambs drying in condition. Lambs range in age from
      beginning of lambing 06/09/16 to end 22/10/16. Lambs have been marked on the 03/11/16. A random sample of lambs were
      weighed to Average 21kg. Please note both Ewes and lambs were subjected on an over night curfew prior to assessment.

      For more information please contact Ray White Livestock
      Guyra/Armidale Sam Sewell 0447 255 100