Sold on 1 Jan 2016

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    Cattle in Uralla

    24 Angus Bulls - SOLD

      Bulls by leading sires including Murray El Grando, PA Power Tool, Ten X. Easy doing cattle, suitable for all operations. EMA & IMF scanned, semen tested, 5 in 1, 7 in 1, Pesti & Vibrio treated.

      Individual lot descriptions below.

      ASRJ15 Sire: Murray El Grando (No. 2 sire for Heavy Grain Index). Dam: Outstanding donor cow Kansas Annie D8 ($17,500). J15 is top 5% 200, 400, 600 day weights and all indexes. Suitable for mature cows. $6,000

      ASRJ50 Another high indexing son of El Grando. Top 5% 200, 400, 600 day weights, CWT and all indexes. Sutable for mature cows. $6,000

      ASRJ64 Nice quite easy doing bull by resisdent sire G13. Suitable for mature cows. $4,500

      ASRJ87 Sorry. This bull is below breed average for his indexes. A nice bull all the same. Out of a high milking, easy doing and profitable cow. Smaller mature weight. $4,000

      ASRK7 Outstanding son of PA Power Tool. We have decided not to sell this bull this year. Will be used to backup AI program. $5,000

      ASRK22 Another attractive Upshot son. Suit mature cows. $4,000

      ASRK23 A nice Power Tool son with good numbers. $4,000

      ASRK29 A very high indexing son by Ten X. Well put together. $4,000

      ASRK34 A very thick attractive and easy doing son of Ten X. Top 10% for all indexes and suitale for heifers or cows. $4,000

      ASRK38 Regent son with very good carcass traits. Top 5% IMF, top 10% 200, 400, 600 and CWT. Suit mature cows. $4,000

      ASRK46 Very nice Gatsby G13 son that would suit mature cows.

      ASRK55 Another great Prophet son. $5,000

      ASRK79 Nice regent son with top growth and carcass traits. Suit mature cows. $4,000

      ASRK20 Nice Power Tool son, sits around top 30% for all indexes. Suitable for heifers. $3,500

      ASRK25 ET brother to lots 8, 31, 32 & 37. Suitable for heifers. $4,000

      ASRK31 Nice Power Tool son out of first calf heifer. $3,000

      ASRK36 Nice GAR Prophet son. Top 10% for all indexes. Suit mature cows and out of first calf heifer. $4,000

      ASRK45 ET brother to lots 8, 31, 32 & 34. Suitable for heifers. $4,000

      ASRK52 Nice G13 son top 15% all indexes. Out of first calf heifer.

      ASRK64 Another G13 son out of Wattletop A359. Top 25% indexes. Suit heifers. $4,000

      ASRK68 G13 son out of first calf heifer. Top 25% all indexes. Suit cows. $4,000

      ASRK73 One of 4 ET Regent sons. Had a tough start on recip but going well now. Top 25% for all indexes. $4,000

      ASRK78 The last of 4 Regent ET sons. Suit cows. $4,000

      ASRK96 Late born G13 son from cow that got late due to poor semen. $3,000

      Animal Health Treatments
      3/2/15 Weaned, Cydectin LA, 5 in 1, Multi Min, B12 & Selenium
      10/5/15 Backline with Demize
      12/6/15 7 in 1, Pesti & Vibrio
      31/8/15 EMA & IMF scanned
      1/9/15 Semen tested, Vibrio, backline with Demize
      15/9/15 5 in 1

      For more information contact Ray White Livestock Guyra, Blake O'Reilly on 0448 213 668