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Sold on 30 Jul 2013

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    Cattle Stud Stock in YARROWITCH

    Boony Brooke Angus Bull Sale

      52 Bulls will be available at this years annual Boony Brooke Angus Bull Sale.

      The Boony Brooke Angus breeding philosophy is based on highly productive, well-tempered cattle. To put that philosophy to the test the Scriveners have over many years put their cattle to the ultimate beef cattle test – the carcase competition.

      At those competitions their purebred Angus steers have consistently been the highest scoring for marbling, evenness of fat cover and rib eye muscle area.

      The steers have scored top marks in meat eating quality including the 2006 and 2011 Sydney Royal Easter Show. At the same competition Bonny Brooke steers have taken on all comers and gained the highest marbling score.

      A Bonny Brooke steer was crowned the top meat quality entry at the 2011 Singleton Beef and Land Management Competition and this steer was also the highest scoring Angus entry.

      These results are real and tangible, not based on projected data and they are due to the fact we breed quiet, productive Angus.

      To achieve carcase results like these over many years you need females that produce milk and bulls with muscle.

      The property is located at "Springvale" Yarrowitch, via Walcha

      For further information please contact Ray White Livestock Guyra / Armidale, Andrew Starr on 0428 792 466